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Another Trial Win by Bartlett LLP.

Congratulations to Bartlett’s own rising star trial attorney, Roland Vitanza, on obtaining a unanimous defense verdict after a weeklong liability trial in Nassau County Supreme Court. The plaintiff alleged that our client, an incorporated village, hired a contractor which caused or created a dangerous sidewalk condition which led the plaintiff to fall and sustain serious injuries including orbital fractures and permanent double vision. The plaintiff alleged that our village client was present at the project on a daily basis and failed to inspect, observe, and safeguard against the defect.

Plaintiff’s demand to settle the matter before trial was $1,200,000.00.

Roland was able to convince the jury that the village did not breach its duty to inspect the sidewalk during construction by establishing, among other things, that the duty to inspect and supervise the work had been transferred to the contractor. Roland was also able to establish that the plaintiff failed to satisfactorily prove that the defect in question was caused by the construction work at issue.

The result: A swift and complete defense verdict in favor of Bartlett’s municipal client.

Congratulations, Roland Vitanza!