Professional Liability

The attorneys at Bartlett LLP have represented professionals in all fields in actions arising out of malpractice and other related claims.  The firm’s attorneys have represented attorneys, accountants, engineers, architects, insurance brokers and agents, real estate brokers and agents, along with a host of other miscellaneous professions.

Attorneys at the firm have handled a wide spectrum of Attorney Malpractice actions, ranging from negligence arising out of personal injury litigation to complex matters involving corporate transactions, trusts and estates and commercial litigation.  Bartlett LLP takes pride in its ability to manage the special needs its attorney clients in a cost effective and discrete manner so as to protect the client’s professional reputation while aggressively defending their interests.

Bartlett LLP’s attorneys also have extensive experience in the handling of claims brought against Architects and Engineers.  Recently, the firm’s attorneys have represented the crane tower engineer in the 51st Street crane collapse litigation.  The firm’s attorneys also have handled suits in the telecommunications engineering area, representing clients who design facilities and towers related to cellular technology.  Overall, the firm’s attorneys have defended architects and engineers lawsuits in matters as wide ranging as skyscrapers and private homes and apartments.

Professional Malpractice claims require a unique brand of representation.  Issues such as licensing, confidentiality and professional pride are all unique to this area of litigation.  Bartlett LLP has decades of experience in representing professionals, and is fully equipped to provide quality representation along with prompt and timely communication to the client.

Bartlett LLP believes in close contact with its professional client that begins immediately upon learning of a current or potential legal action against the professional.  Meeting with the professional immediately, allows the handling attorney to assess the special needs and circumstances of the client.  The strategy for the lawsuit can then be tailored to the goals of the individual professional.

Bartlett LLP believes in a pragmatic approach to litigation.  In that regard, the attorneys initially assess a case with an eye toward an expeditious resolution to the case via motion practice.  The firm is mindful that every day that litigation goes on, is another day in which the professional must think about it.

The firm has a wealth of experience in the area of litigating those matters that are unable to be resolved.  Attorneys at the firm are recognized as amongst the best in trial work and in pre-trial litigation.  The attorneys of the firm’s Professional Liability Group are competent and able to handle the most complex of matters, in virtually every profession.

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