About Us

Bartlett LLP was founded in 1991 and has steadily built a reputation for excellence in the litigation, trial and appeals of tort, insurance and commercial matters. We have approximately 35 lawyers in five offices covering all federal and state courts throughout the States of New York, New Jersey, and Florida and represent clients nationally.

Bartlett LLP provides consistently high quality legal advice and representation grounded in a sophisticated understanding of relevant legal principles and business context. We have harnessed our “big firm” experience to a more nimble frame, thereby enabling us to provide superior performance at a reasonable cost. While our history is marked by consistent growth, we are mindful never to permit overhead to overshadow service to our clients. We understand that growth for its own sake inevitably disables a firm from operating within the cost structure of the very client base upon which the firm was originally established.  We remain committed to delivering the highest level of services cost-effectively and appreciate the fact that, notwithstanding the results of a given case, our clients’ success is measurable on their bottom line.

Our size and management structure enables us to maintain a uniquely intensive update protocol on all matters. Partners are integrally involved in every case and are readily available for the spontaneous, as well as frequently planned, round-table discussions essential to the efficient movement of cases. This approach fosters thorough and efficient resolution of complex issues without the burdensome, layered billing approach employed by larger firms. The success and steady growth we have enjoyed has not required a departure from this formula. Our rates remain extremely competitive, and our results disparately positive. Indicative of our commitment to a firmly even-handed cost structure is the fact that virtually every client that began with us well over a decade ago remains with us today. The strength of our results and the integrity of our approach have allowed us to maintain and grow the enduring relationships that are the foundation of our success.

Our reputation as aggressive trial lawyers is a critical point of departure that differentiates Bartlett from most other firms. In short, certain cases simply need to be tried; all cases need to be prepared as though they will be tried. Every adversary in every firm understands that, if necessary, the attorneys at Bartlett stand ready to see any case to trial and beyond. In that regard, Bartlett has distinguished itself on both the trial and appellate levels with well more than 100 reported decisions at the appellate level alone.

We strive to ensure that all litigation plans are carefully developed and revised in conjunction with our clients as the case develops.  In doing so we are able to use the litigation process as a tool to assist our clients in the identification of risk management issues relating to their industry and likewise to harness the expertise of the client to achieve the best result in the courtroom.

We firmly believe that it is not the prospect of a pending trial that should determine whether a case should settle. Rather, it may be an informed decision that settlement, by all accounts in a particular case, is the preferred option. The best interests of the client, rather than the convenience or apprehension of counsel, provides the framework within which our opinions are rendered. We have worked hard to develop our reputation as trial lawyers of distinction. The result is that our adversaries understand that no case will settle simply to avoid a trial. This component of our reputation has engendered consistently early resolution of claims which might otherwise have languished until called to trial.

We are proud of the experience and distinctions that our attorneys have gained at trial and view such experience as applicable, indeed critical, to all matters, whether tried or not. Only by developing an understanding of how the various pieces of investigation and evidence may be used at trial, and where they may fit, can a litigator develop a true sense of how to efficiently and effectively conduct the pre-trial process. Our trial experience has afforded us the tools that we need and the wherewithal to judiciously apply them from the moment a claim is presented. Litigation need not be protracted when the moves that are likely to determine the ultimate outcome are properly planned and implemented early on. While not all cases go to trial, significant trial experience and the insights gained thereby play a critical role in the successful management of litigations in general.