Another win for Scott Schneider!

Partner Scott Schneider just returned a unanimous verdict in Supreme Court, Queens County. The case involved an emergency hysterectomy as a result of alleged malpractice during the labor and delivery on the part of our OB/GYN. Plaintiff claimed permanent injuries as a result of the hysterectomy and follow up procedures that were required. Our doctor was accused of negligent administration of Pitocin during the labor and negligently employing a fundal push during the delivery, causing a uterine rupture and a dramatic loss of blood, which in turn resulted in the need for life-saving emergency surgery and the hysterectomy. Plaintiffs also alleged that a C-section was indicated which would have avoided the uterine rupture during the natural birth.

Mr. Schneider successfully argued that our doctor acted well within the accepted standards of care throughout the labor and delivery of this patient and despite the rupture, there was no evidence of a departure.

The Jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of our insured on all alleged departures. Great job Scott! Also special thanks to Frank Schiralli, who worked up the case through the discovery phase and assisted with the trial, as well as Danielle Giovinco who assisted with the trial.

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