Construction Defense Group wins Summary Judgment in Connecticut Superior Court

January 26, 2016

The plaintiff claimed that he was severely injured on a roadway defect in Stamford, CT.  The complaint alleged that the hazardous condition was caused by our client’s major construction project in the area.  Our client, a world leading project development and construction group, immediately denied the allegations and proactively moved to dismiss the case in its entirety.

Jason Lewis and John Yoon crafted a successful argument that our client, despite performing major construction in the area, did not cause the dangerous condition.  With the help from Peter Morris, our group gathered admissible evidence, including affidavits, contracts and daily logs to show that the work performed by our client could not have contributed to the unsafe condition.  The court granted our summary judgment motion stating that our client “had nothing to do with the accident described in plaintiff’s complaint.”  This successful outcome avoided significant and costly discovery, experts, and a trial.