Disability Team Successfully Obtains GML-207a(2) Benefits for Disabled Firefighter

May 3, 2018

​The disability team successfully secured General Municipal Law 207-a(2) benefits for a Mount Vernon firefighter following administrative hearings. Michael Catallo, who primarily handled the litigation and written legal arguments, was successful in overcoming a heightened standard where the City’s original determination denying the benefit was determined to be unsupported by substantial evidence.

The General Municipal Law 207-a(2) ​​policy adopted by the City only provides the Hearing Officer with the powers to make a recommendation.  However, the City chose that our arguments were compelling enough to avoid further appeals in Supreme Court and granted our clients benefits in full.

General Municipal Law 207-a(2) will provide our client with his full salary–plus annual union-rate pay increases–until his mandatory retirement age although he can no longer work due to his on the job injury.  This is a significant benefit that will compensate our client for his injuries in the line-of duty.

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