Insurance Agents and Brokers

Bartlett has a rich tradition of advising and representing insurance agent and broker clients in every segment of the industry. Bartlett features a team of attorneys experienced in the business practices of all types and levels of insurance intermediaries.  The practice extends to all State and Federal courts throughout the United States and abroad.  Bartlett serves as national litigation coordinating counsel to one of the largest construction insurance brokers/consultants in the country.  Our success in representing insurance agents and brokers is due, in large part, to our comprehensive knowledge of law of insurance and the operation of the insurance industry, including how it packages, defines and sells its products.  Bartlett provides seminars and counsels our insurance agency and brokerage clients on risk control and risk mitigation.  We zealously defend our agency and brokerage clients in litigation and have been at the forefront in developing case law supportive in the defense of claims against agents and brokers.

Bartlett’s attorneys have extensive experience with errors and omissions claims, investigations and lawsuits involving insurance agents and brokers dealing with construction, products, insurance coverage, contracts, homeowners insurance, life and disability claims, shareholder suits, ERISA claims and RICO claims. Likewise, our partners have significant experience acting as appointed arbitrators and mediators in connection with the resolution of a wide variety of such lawsuits and claims.

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