Our Practice Areas

Specialty Litigation Practice

The firm has a robust specialty litigation practice.

By virtue of our contract to represent the Emergency Medical Services of the Fire Department, City of New York and the County of Suffolk, we are regularly called upon to defend both basic and advanced life support providers in all manner of litigation throughout the five boroughs of the City of New York and the County of Suffolk. These claims range from negligent emergency medical care, late transport, refusal of medical assistance and violations of EMS protocols. We robustly defend these agencies under the doctrine of governmental immunity and have successfully moved to dismiss many of these cases based not only on the doctrine of governmental immunity but as well on the quality of the medical care provided by the emergency medical services providers. Robert F. Elliott supervises the team of attorneys responsible for managing this litigation and has tried several cases involving the City of New York Emergency Medical Services. Most notably, one of his cases involved a claim that the City’s failure to transport a patient with an infected renal calculi ultimately lost all four limbs. He successfully managed the litigation through the trial and exacted an exceptionally good settlement amount prior to the matter being presented to the jury.

In addition, we represent the Prison Health Service of the City of New York. As a consequence, we are regularly called upon to interface with the State Commission on Correction. This executive branch agency is mandated by law to investigate all manner of alleged abuse, neglect and death of inmates incarcerated within the State prison system throughout New York State. In addition, allegations of abuse, neglect and wrongful death result in wrongful death actions which sound essentially in alleged medical malpractice. We successfully defend these claims as well.