Big Win by Matt Minero and Roland Vitanza!

Another big win by our partner, Matt Minero, who obtained summary judgment dismissing a potentially severe New York Labor Law claim asserted against our general contractor in connection with its’ work on an interior buildout.  There were several other general contractors working on different floors at the time our client’s work was being performed.   An electrician working under the supervision of a different general contractor was electrocuted when the electricity in the area he was working had not been turned off.  The injured worker sued the owner and general contractor of the project he was working on, and also brought negligence claims against our client on the theory that the wire(s) by which he was electrocuted may have belonged to our project.  Plaintiff and co-defendants refused to dismiss the claims against our client which necessitated our motion for summary judgment.  Upon hearing Matt’s position during oral argument of the motion, the Court dismissed the case in its entirety against our client. Well done, Matt!

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