Trial Partners Continue To Roll!

February 15, 2012

Trial Partner Robert F. Elliott earned a unanimous defense verdict in Nassau County on behalf of a physician client on February 1, 2011. This orthopedic malpractice case brought by Duffy and Duffy entailed a claim that Mr. Elliott’s client negligently repaired an open dislocated trimalleolar ankle fracture which later became infected and after the development of osteomyelitis, the fixation devices had to be removed. The plaintiff has gone on to have several additional episodes of osteomyelitis with various other systemic complications, including the development of multiple thrombo emboli. The plaintiff was 21 at the time of the motor vehicle accident causing the original injury.

Trial Partner Scott Singer obtained a defense verdict in Queens County, Supreme Court on February 10, 2012 for one of our institutional/hospital clients. This tragic case involved the death of a 58 day old infant from necrotizing enterocolitis. Plaintiff’s counsel was Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald.