Another Defense Verdict For Scott Schneider!

Bartlett LLP Partner Scott Schneider obtained a defense verdict in favor of our client, a pain management physician’s assistant on June 20, 2017 after an eight-week trial. In this matter plaintiff claimed that our client committed malpractice by failing to diagnose a hip infection as a result of the infiltration of MRSA into the hip socket. Plaintiff’s decedent, a 42-year-old airline mechanic, was a patient of our client for over three years and was being treated regularly for failed back syndrome and related hip pain as a result of a motor vehicle accident and failed back surgery in 1991.

In October of 2006 the decedent complained of hip and back pain which our client had diagnosed as related to the patient’s prior back injury. The condition worsened until he was admitted to the hospital with disseminated intravascular coagulation and found to have a septic hip and osteomyelitis of the femoral head. He underwent a long course of surgeries, including a hip replacement.

At trial, and throughout the litigation, the plaintiffs claimed that our client wrongfully injected the patient’s hip with a steroid two weeks prior to the hospital admission and failed to diagnose the MRSA infection. Our position was that our client’s diagnosis and treatment was proper and within the standard of care given the patient’s history, complaints, and the information that was provided to our client at the time. After a trial that spanned nearly two months, the jury agreed with our position and rendered a unanimous verdict on behalf of our client.

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